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Rain gutters are an important part of  your home. They serve as the front line of defense for your roof, siding, basement and foundation.
Leaks can lead to a small but insidiously dangerous flow of water that can damage your siding or back up into your roofing - which may lead
to roof, drywall, and insulation damage. During rain the gutters and downspouts draw the water away from your home. Properly installed
gutters can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in roofing, siding, fascia and foundation repairs over the years. Only a small fraction of
homes that are built in California are without gutters and for a good reason!  Seamless rain gutters are a great choice for your gutter replacement!


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Types of Gutters Available: "Seamless gutters" (continuous) and sectional gutters
Types of Metals Available:  Galvanized Steel, Bonderized steel,  Painted Steel, Painted Aluminum, Copper

Available Downspouts Sizes: 2”x3” rectangular, 3”x4” rectangular, 4”x5” rectangular, 2'',3”,4” round, 2”x3” corrugated, 3”x4” corrugated, 4”x5” corrugated. Downspouts are available in various colors and in copper, galvanized steel and aluminum.

Gutter Guards

Keeping the debris out of your gutters is an important step in prolonging the life of your gutter system. Soldate Sheet Metal Heating & Air is an authorized dealer for one of the most effective gutter guard systems available Leafblaster by Gutter Glove. Each full Leafblaster gutter guard installation comes with a free gutter cleaning (existing gutter systems). Call us today for a free estimate.

Gutter Cleaning
Maintaining your gutters is important! Gutters that are clogged with debris can cause water leakage into the house. Water
that stands inside the clogged gutters becomes stagnant and allows mosquitoes to breed and grass and weeds to grow.
Gutters should be cleaned twice a year- once in the spring and once in the fall. Soldate Sheet Metal offers gutter cleaning!
You can have us clean your gutters as a one-time request or sign up for one of our routine maintenance contracts.  Our
gutter cleaning includes complete interior and exterior cleaning of your gutters and roof and flushing of downspouts. We
remove and haul away all of the debris leaving your gutters clean and clear. Call Soldate Sheet Metal today to get a FREE
estimate on gutter cleaning!

Metal Roofing

Whether your building a home and want a custom metal roof over your bay window or a tower with a radius roof, Soldate Sheet Metal Heating & Air has worked on many custom homes in the El Dorado Hills, Twelve Bridges Lincoln and Rocklin custom home communities. Make your vision a reality.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication (Deco tops too!)

Soldate Sheet Metal Heating and Air specializes in custom sheet metal fabrication. We can fabricate just about anything! Custom sheet metal fabrication is offered to general contractors and the general public. We offer custom fabrication to your specs and deadlines. We can even quote including installation! We specialize in flashing, i.e., drip metal, angle metal, Z metal, edge metal, saddles, coping, louvers, chimney decorative caps, tile pans, door/window pans, and scuppers. Call us today for a free quote!


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Soldate Sheet Metal offers professional installation, replacement and repair of gutters and downspouts. No job is too big or too small. We specialize in residential and commercial work. We offer many styles in various colors and materials.

All of our gutter and downspout estimates are FREE!